Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Angel is 24 years old and is in her senior year of high school. (It’s very common for high school students to be anywhere between 15 years old and 30 years old). When she was a sophomore in high school, she became pregnant with her twin boys, Fabian and Fabrisse.

Pregnancy almost always puts an end to educational and career orientated goals for a Togolese girl.  Once pregnant, the girl will drop out of school to take care of her child.  Angel’s incredibly supportive family encouraged her to return to school once her twins were born.  The family all pitches in to take care of her kids while she is at school and at night while she studies.

Despite being away from school during the day, Angel always finds time and energy to play with her twins after school and during the weekends.  She is a dynamic young woman that understands the importance of family, education, and preparing for her future. 

Angel is the president of the Tchamba Science Club, a club that meets once a week to perform science experiments.   She has taken the responsibility of planning all the activities for the club, thinking of fundraising efforts for the club, and encourages her peers to attend.

Angel hopes to go to University next year to studying agronomy.  Her passion to become an agronomist is evident; her entire yard is a garden of vegetables and moringa trees, which she shares with her neighbors and teaches them about nutrition.

By donating to the Tchamba Science Laboratory, you will ensure a brighter future for Angel and young women like her.  It is difficult for any student to comprehend the complex nature of science by solely practicing rote memorization of theory. Furthermore, girls often do not enroll in science classes; they are discouraged by their peers and often cannot succeed in a class when boys out-number the girls 8 to 1.  With this science lab, students will have the opportunity to learn hands-on, and girls who are already against unfair odds will build the confidence needed to continue with a scientific future.

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